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Challenge your views Awareness Campaign …

“Challenge your views”: young people are invited to adopt a different outlook of mental health and to seek help

A mini-documentary to raise awareness of youth needs and available help

This 12-minute short film highlights the reality of young people aged 14 to 29 who are close to someone living with a mental health disorder. The documentary shows how youth workers support these young people on a daily basis and help them to challenge their views on that topic!

Currently, thanks to the Aider sans filtre project, over 40 awareness outreach workers have been trained across Quebec to raise awareness among young people and provide information where these youths spend their time, such as schools and youth centres.

With the participation of Amélie, Anaïs, Anick, Cherilyne, Eli, Layïla, Napoléon, Nathan, Oliver, Samya, Sara, Shana, Térika and Théo. Enjoy your listening!

On the agenda!

The theme of the campaign is Challenge your views…’. It emphasizes that young supporters also have needs, and it is important to be attentive to their needs. To explore these different aspects, the theme is broken down into six distinct sub-themes.

Monday: – Challenge your views… About your emotions
Tuesday: – Challenge your views… About your needs
Wednesday: – Challenge your views… About your role as a mental health ally
Thursday: – Challenge your views… About what normal looks like
Friday: – Challenge your views… About your future
Saturday: – Challenge your views… About asking for help

Week’s Schedule

Oct 1st (10 a.m.) – Launch of the mini-documentary ‘ Challenge your views.’
Oct 3rd – Don’t miss a surprise activity…! Here’s a hint – visit our YouTube channel around 5 p.m. (live section)
Oct 4th – Free webinar La relation d’aide par l’art et le théatre
Oct 5th – CAP Podcast for caregivers focusing on the theme of normal looks like and emotions

Also, take the time to visit the Facebook page of your local association to discover their October programming and learn more about their youth program.

Spread the word!

All bilingual visual materials are at your disposal to promote the campaign on your social networks. To download promotional materials for free, click here.

Like the members of the Escouade de CAP santé mentale, we invite you to make a difference by sharing on your social networks to encourage people to challenge their views on mental health and seeking help. Don’t forget to use the following hashtags so that we can see your posts.

#ChangeTonRegard #avantdecraquer #jefaispartiedelasolution

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Did you know that :

  • Around 185,000 young Quebecers live with a parent who has a mental health problem.
  • Young people aged 18 to 25 are more at risk of developing a mental health problem and less likely to seek professional help.
  • Far too often, young people delay seeking help because they fear being stigmatized, don’t recognize their own needs, or don’t know what resources are available to them.
  • Many young people wonder how they can seek help when they’re not the ones living with the mental health problem.
  • Some of them mistakenly think it’s normal to live with so much anxiety and stress.
  • Young people who have loved ones with mental health problems often experience their own feelings of anxiety, anger, stress, sadness and guilt.

If you are a young individual who is supporting someone living with a mental health problem, whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a spouse, or a friend, here are resources for you.

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