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Mission and mandate of a member association

The intervention philosophy of an association finds its specificity in a community approach based on accessibility and humanism. She ensures a warm welcome based on human values and confidentiality. The global and systemic approach, combined with the location of the resource, allows the development of a feeling of belonging to a group of individuals who are experiencing similar problems. The premises, guiding principles and values are:


The anchor points of the interventions intended for the members of the entourage take into account the following 4 premises:

  • respect for the member of the entourage and their rhythm;
  • the actualization of the person’s potential;
  • developing their skills;
  • taking over his power.

All actions and interventions are based on the evolving needs of the clientele while respecting the pace of learning. The association supports the members of the entourage in the development of their resilience, which makes it possible to develop adaptation mechanisms that promote daily well-being. Thus, the range of support measures offered focuses on the development of a positive attitude towards the overall family situation, including the development of appropriate strategies in difficult situations. Furthermore, all of these measures must make it possible to restructure the support functions as opportunities for personal growth and to orient the perspective of accompaniment as a challenge.

Guiding principles

The guiding principles that underlie all actions and interventions aim to enable the members of the entourage to:

  • fully play their role as a guide;
  • develop their ability to succeed in life;
  • live their daily lives better;
  • develop positively, despite the stress of the situations they have to deal with;
  • become actively involved as partners in the organization of services and as managers of associations.

The purpose of all this is to seek a continuous improvement in their quality of life and the preservation of a healthy relationship, imbued with mutual respect with their loved one suffering from mental illness.

Values of a member association

The values of the association are based on the importance of not discriminating on the basis of race, sex, religion, political opinion or social status. It respects the principle of the primacy of the person and more specifically in its role as a guide. All of the interventions are directly associated with the values included in the normative framework and the code of ethics of the CAP santé mentale, namely integrity, honesty, transparency, diligence and respect. The association works in concert with the sectoral and intersectoral partners of the public and community network, thus making it possible to offer the members of the entourage all the services required by their situation, and this, in a spirit of complementarity.

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