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2022 Awareness Campaign | Promotional Material

As the WHO World Mental Health Report 2022 indicates, the prevalence of mental health problems is very high in all countries. In light of this, it reminds us that a commitment to mental health is an investment in a better life and future for all. (1)

In Quebec, the pandemic has led to increased levels of stress, anxiety and psychological distress among family members who are accompanying a vulnerable person. (2)

For family members accompanying a person living with a mental disorder, they were doubly impacted, which resulted in a significant increase in their mental load. Unfortunately, the first reflex of family members is not necessarily to ask for help for themselves, but for the person they are accompanying on a daily basis. It is therefore not uncommon for several months or even years to pass before a parent, child, spouse, brother or sister decides to ask for help for themselves. This situation results in the family unit becoming exhausted and on the verge of collapse with a high level of psychological distress as a result. However, by focusing on a more preventive approach, the absolute recognition of the needs of family members and the establishment of systematic referral in all environments, this situation, experienced by many family members, could be avoided to the greater benefit of people living with a mental health problem and their entourage.

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1. Mental Health Report, Transforming Mental Health for All, WHO, 2022, p. V
2. Uniting for collective well-being: interdepartmental action plan on mental health 2022-2026, MSSS, 2022, p. 14


General poster 2022

Poster | CAP vers des solutions – interactive tool

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Complete Kit| Social Media (French and English version)

  1. General poster 2022

  2. Poster | CAP vers des solutions – interactive tool

  3. Christiane, Jade, Olivia and Martin file (4)

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