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Garder le CAP documentary


In Quebec and elsewhere, it is estimated that one in five young people has a loved one with a mental disorder. They are children, brothers, sisters, spouses or even friends, who must overcome challenges for which they are not prepared in addition to often living them in isolation. The vast majority of these young people will hesitate to ask for help.

Some believe they are able to cope on their own, others don’t recognize that they need help. We travelled across Quebec to meet three of these young people: Joanie, Dave and Marie.

Through their stories, we understand that they have lived through difficult situations, but above all, that they have found help on their way and that they are now better equipped to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

An invitation to be part of the solution

The pandemic has brought us to a better collective awareness of health issues in Quebec. The time for words has passed; it is now time to act. Mental health must become a national priority. We need to reduce the human and economic impacts of childhood mental illness in particular, an illness which is estimated to cost tens of billions of dollars in Quebec alone.

Thanks to the generosity and messages of hope from Joany, Dave and Marie, Garder le CAP is a turning point and a powerful tool for raising awareness among youths. After watching the documentary, we are convinced that youths will feel less alone, will see themselves in the participants’ stories and will want to free themselves from their own taboos. We hope that Garder le CAP will inspire them to seek help and support when they need it. The mission of our member organizations located throughout Quebec is to provide support for loved ones accompanying a person living with a mental illness and help them, without forgetting that their own needs are important too.

I call on teachers and employers to share this documentary and teaching guide far and wide. It is our collective responsibility to make the environments frequented by young people more open to this reality and to mental health issues as a whole. I also call on policy makers to invest in additional community resources to better identify, welcome and listen to young people in need of support. I invite you to be part of the solution so that these young people can preserve their mental health and achieve their plans for the future.

René Cloutier
Executive Director
CAP santé mentale

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