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Take advantage of our services — they’re FREE!

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For more than 35 years, the Quebec government has funded organizations offering a range of services to meet the needs of family and friends who have a loved one with a mental illness. Forty-three organizations provide support to nearly every region within the province of Quebec. They are CAP santé mentale member affiliates and work in collaboration with the health care system.

Each year, thousands of people are served through CAP santé mentale’s member organizations, all of whom are experiencing significant difficulty related to their loved one’s mental illness. Those who contact us benefit from the support of our experienced representatives. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of :

  • By receiving information about mental illness, you will gain a better understanding of the problem.
  • By getting valuable tips on how to improve your communication skills, you will improve your relationship with your loved one.
  • By developing new attitudes, you will learn to let go.
  • By learning how to better cope with your loved one’s behavioural issues, you will have greater control over your situation.
  • By taking stock of the solutions within your reach, you will achieve realistic, concrete results.



Our meetings operate on the basis of respect and allow you to share your situation and the difficulties you and your family are facing at your own pace and with a qualified representative. Depending on your needs, you can discover ways to set boundaries with your loved one, learn different techniques to improve your communication with them and identify ways to take care of yourself. The number of meetings is determined according to your needs.



Mental illness is often misunderstood. Our organizations offer informational workshops on your loved one’s mental illness. You will be able to gain knowledge and ask all the questions that are on your mind.



For those who are interested, support groups provide a means for individuals experiencing similar situations to connect. Support groups can provide you with moral support in an open environment where you will feel respected and heard. They can be led by professionals or volunteers.



Educational training sessions can be made available to you over the course of several meetings. There is much for you to explore on the topic of mental illness, including symptoms, causes and different forms of treatment. Training sessions on other topics, such as learning to cope with a loved one’s mental illness, may also be offered.



In addition to our other services, we provide access to respite care. These are diversified services whose goal is to help you avoid burnout. Some organizations offer weekend respite care, others offer financial allowances to cover the costs of caretaking. Each situation is unique and requires special attention.


Don’t deprive yourself of free, essential services that are close to home!

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