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Get to know our partners!

Jean Coutu

Platinum partner. Since 2007.

Le Groupe Jean Coutu et ses pharmaciens affiliés diffusent notre message auprès de leur clientèle via leur réseau de communication interne et externe. Il contribue à mieux outiller leurs pharmaciens affiliés et favorisant le réseautage avec les ressources de leur milieu. Par son implication, le Groupe Jean Coutu contribue à l’amélioration des pratiques en santé mentale et favorise une communication efficiente axée sur le partenariat entre la personne atteinte de maladie mentale, les proches et les pharmaciens.

The Jean Coutu network and its affiliated pharmacists broadcast our message to their customers via their internal and external communication network. It helps to better equip their affiliated pharmacists and promotes networking with resources in their community. Through its involvement, the Jean Coutu network contributes to the improvement of mental health practices and promotes efficient communication focused on the partnership between the person with mental illness, relatives and pharmacists.

A message from our partner : « Traditionally, the role of caregiver is associated with supporting a person who has needs related to their physical health. We sometimes forget that many caregivers take care of a member of their entourage who is living with mental health problems. Thanks to initiatives such as those deployed by the CAP santé mentale, these guardian angels can count on resources adapted to their reality, in order to find the right words and the appropriate tools to accompany their loved ones during more difficult times.

The association between the Jean Coutu network and the CAP santé mentale goes without saying, since our missions are complementary. On a daily basis, pharmacists in our network contribute to the well-being of their communities. It is therefore with pride that Jean Coutu has offered its support to the CAP santé mentale for more than ten years, so that awareness of mental health issues can be perpetuated. »



Platinum partner. Since 2021.

AbbVie is invested in partnerships that make a difference in people’s lives. In accordance with its values and its mission, AbbVie therefore collaborates with the CAP santé mentale in the organization of awareness activities such as the webinar Les symptômes négatifs : vive la pensée positive! and more to come…



Platinum partner. Since 2022.

Upholding its important principles of mutual respect and knowledge, integrity, independence and transparency, Janssen collaborates not only with doctors and pharmacists, but also with organizations that play an important role in the fields information, support and intervention. Caring to equip loved ones, Janssen contributes to the cause of loved ones by promoting the publication of informative and educational tools.



Platinum partner. Since 2022.

The OtsukaLundbeck Alliance places great importance on mental health. She is a firm believer in supporting patients and their carers and strives to support disease awareness as well as patient association initiatives.


VIA Rail Canada

Platinum partner. Since 1996.

VIA Rail Canada, through its mission and its organizational values, wishes to make a difference within the communities where it is present. For us, VIA Rail Canada makes a big difference because it is the official carrier of our organization. Thanks to them, we have the pleasure of making our business trips, rain or shine, while being able to work in a pleasant and relaxing environment.


Éric Lamirande

Gold partner. Since 2016.

Éric Lamirande is a committed partner who does not count his hours to assist us in the development of our strategies on social networks. Web marketing and social media no longer hold any secrets and his contribution to our cause is invaluable.


Lafrance Communication

Gold partner. Since 2017.

Pierre-Luc Lafrance of Lafrance Communication, is an artist of words — writer, storyteller and scriptwriter — but also editor and strategist in social communication. We are happy to be able to count on his editorial talent in our communications as well as for the animation of our webinars.


Api Communication et édition

Gold partner. Since 2017.

Jonathan L’Heureux of Api Communication et édition is a versatile creator. At the same time, graphic designer, photographer, web designer and much more, he supports us in the development of our promotional and informative tools.



Partenaire argent. Depuis 2022.

This year, the Collectif INSIDE joined forces with the CAP santé mentale to create CAP vers des solutions : a new interactive tool to guide loved ones who have a person living with a mental health disorder. Inside shares common values with the Réseau and transmits them through live art and multimedia productions that offer viewers a unique, emotional moment.


Association québécoise des infirmières et infirmiers en santé mentale (AQIISM)

Silver partner. Since 1996.

The AQIISM, which brings together mental health nurses, is an important partner because it allows us to reach the biggest referrers to our resources each year. Through its commitment, the AQIISM supports us in spreading our message to them and thus allows us to develop collaborative ties that make a difference in the daily lives of the members of our entourage.


David communication

Silver partner. Since 2013.

David Couturier of David Communication is a senior in effective communications as well as a fine strategist in public relations strategies. Proactive, determined and a skilled communicator, David allows us to benefit from his knowledge to achieve our objectives in our relations with the Quebec media.


Desjardins | Caisse du Plateau Montcalm

Bronze partner. Since 2020.

The Caisse Desjardins du Plateau Montcalm is committed to its community by supporting projects that meet the needs and expectations of its members. Thus, all its members are committed to the development of their community and support projects that are close to their hearts.


Numérika MKTG

Bronze partner. Since 2017.

Natacha Castonguay of Numérika MKTG is passionate about her field. She was able to put her strategic knowledge in digital marketing and her unwavering support into the development of our communications on Instagram and our Google Ad campaign.


A special thank you to the CHSSN who allowed us to translate Cap vers des solutions in english.

Thank you to our donor iA Financial Group.

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Thanks to our partners :

Jean Coutu
VIA Rail Canada
L’Appui proches aidants
Réseaux communautaire de Santé et de Services sociaux
Centre d’apprentissage Santé et Rétablissement
Lafrance Communication
Desjardins Caisse du Plateau Montcalm
Raise Solutions
David Communication
Centre Axel
Productions Cina
Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Est-de-l’Île-de-Montréal
Fondation Québec Philanthrope

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