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Are you concerned about your loved one’s behaviour?

Do your loved one’s behaviours seem strange to the point where you no longer recognize them? Has this situation has been going on for some time, making you wonder what is going on in their head? Are those closest to them under the impression that they are losing their mind?

Have you tried sharing your observations with them, but they won’t open up? This may be a situation that requires medical attention.

Tips to help you assess the situation

Over the past few weeks, you have noticed changes in their behaviour that concern you. For example, your loved one :

  • Has lost interest in their friends and become increasingly isolated.
  • Shows acute signs of sadness and/or cries constantly.
  • Is having trouble sleeping and/or has their days and nights mixed up.
  • Is eating less than normal or eating all the time.
  • Has been consuming alcohol or drugs contrary to their normal habits.
  • Fumbles for words, has difficulty expressing themselves and speaks incoherently.
  • Has difficulty concentrating when watching television or a movie or when reading a book.
  • Forgets to do their daily chores.
  • Is unable to follow a conversation and/or seems completely absent-minded.
  • Hears voices or sees things that you are not able to hear or see.
  • Is behaving strangely and/or feels spied on or watched.

If you see more than one significant change in your loved one’s behaviours, emotions and judgement from this list of symptoms, you should encourage them to see a doctor.

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